Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Project Complete 

It's been almost two months ago that I posted the first two of five typography design pieces depicting the 5 core values at East Hill Church.

Ta! Da! Now they are all finished! This was a fun project.

Through some not to be mentioned mistakes too complicated to explain I've learned a few things about color and blending and transparency modes and stuff I thought I already knew. That was an awesome run on sentence.

Clue: the printed versions came out greener than I had anticipated. 

All is well.
I delivered them today. They were received with satisfied smiles. They communicate what we, as a church, believe are very crucial.

They are all displayed in the office lobby and have a lot of impact. Especially, with all the photos surrounding them. Photos of our church family illustrating the value.
I was happy to see that many of the photos had been matted...on green.

See, Julie. It all works out.


Lydia said...

That's cool that the green thing worked out. I'm glad for you that people were happy with it. They look wonderful! I love this picture of you with your art work. It reminds me of the picture of you in front of your mural at the church so long ago.

Andrew Schlewitz said...

Lovely designs, Julie.