Sunday, August 18, 2013

The project that never ends...

I began this piece of work this Spring but I just haven't been able to finish it. Chalk it up to starting it over completely after I finished it because I didn't like the end results. I decided I needed to change the look a little. See my post from May 25th
Which isn't frustrating to me because I learn a little more each time I do something.'s really time to finish this up and move on.
The last step has been to scan it into Illustrator and begin the exacting but satisfying job of drawing it over with the pen tool.

Though I love the hand-drawn work I just really like the smooth, cleaner lines I get from turning my work into a digital piece. I guess that's the graphic artist in me. It takes longer, and I'd like to work a little faster so I can produce more work (to sell someday) but the pace I'm at right now is how it will have to be for awhile. I just haven't come to a place where I can commit more time.

I have been reading more about working more efficiently, and with more discipline so I've been carrying these ideas around with me and slowly adding them to my routine.

No matter what I do, there's always a learning curve. Time to process the information and time to implement it.

Anyway! I am getting excited about the end result!

This is my hand-drawn piece scanned in. I was lazy and didn't completely finish the design work. The really rock star digital artists finish the hand-drawn piece in detail before they start on the digital drawing...oh, well!

Here's a screenshot of what I'm doing in Illustrator. The little blue lines represent where I just drew the heart. I use my scanned in work as the template.

This kind of project gives me the best of both worlds and the most satisfaction.

I would like to make this poster available for purchase eventually;
But that's a whole different project.

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