Saturday, August 10, 2013

I've started a new style of design because Pastor Jason, the lead pastor at my church, had idea to have the church's core values communicated in a creative way.

Was I interested? What did I think? 

Jason showed me an idea he had that he had photocopied from the web. 
Subway art...I'd love to give that a try. Type favorite!

So I jumped on the computer immediately and scrawled through dafont and began downloading fonts. Sort of putting the cart before the horse, really. 
It can be done, but it usually takes more time to construct a design plan without going to the sketchpad first. Paper and pen that is.
Just a side note: after working on Illustrator or Photoshop I find it interesting/amusing when after being accustomed to the luxury of just quickly deleting an error...I forget for a millisecond that I have to physically use an eraser to take care of my errors. I know, weird...but some people can relate out there.

I've gotten into a bad habit of jumping into a project without sketching it out first on paper. It's important to take time to sketch out ideas before opening up design programs.
Even though for me the finish project doesn't always look much like the sketch; it opens me up to a different thinking process. I tend get into a 'hurry up' mode when I first receive an assignment; self-inflicted by letting that little internal voice of doubt we artists tend to let overshadow us. Getting all inwardly (sometimes outwardly) in a state of feeling rushed and creatively crippled is my signal I need to back off and shift gears down.  Sketching slows me down and helps me regain the more reassuring, encouraging inner voice that helps me enjoy the work. 

Besides being able to work with my favorite subject-Type! and my favorite software-Illustrator! I liked the challenging of Pastor Jason trusting me to gather the words I felt defined the main core value statements.

The artwork was printed on 26x21 inch wrapped canvas. I would post the finished work but I wasn't able to capture a very good photo of them on the wall in our church office lobby.

I have three more to create and hopefully they will be finished by end of August.


Anonymous said...

Julie, these are great! They do look like art and not like a postery thing. I'm not sure if that made sense. Anyway, Jason was smart to commission you. Debby

Anonymous said...
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Julie said...

Thanks, Debby- I was very pleased with how they looked printed on stretched canvas.