Saturday, May 25, 2013

Be on the Lookout...Work in Progress

First, the sketch. It takes time to have a good feel for placement as well getting spacing and balance right.
At first I tried to get every part of every character to match up. Such as, every e looking exactly the same.
I decided my graphic design  exactness was getting in the way of the more whimsical feel I was trying to create. So I relaxed more and it and was a lot easier...and more enjoyable.

It's was the first time I replaced my thin sharpie with a Micron pen. I'm not that happy with the .01 as it bent not too long after using it. After using a sharpie with other projects, I wasn't used to needing a lighter hand. 
I'm using colored pencil but
also thinking about coloring this
Photoshop for different look.

I penciled in the doodles first, then inked them in. I started with just a little bit of design, inked them in and then built on that. I like to watch the design grow by adding on in steps. 


Paul Duris said...

You are my favorite artist. You make the world more beautiful.

Andrew Schlewitz said...

You've continued Dad's love of drawing, of graphic design. As Dan has done with the Lutheran legacy. As Amy has done with music. That's nice...

Julie said...

Yes, good thoughts. Now, what about you? It would be a conversation I'd like to have with you sometime.